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BBQ sparks huge headland fire in Dalby

POSTED today at 9:31 am by TH
BBQ sparks huge headland fire in Dalby

40 firefighters spent the weekend tackling a fire in Dalby this weekend. They were called into action just after 6pm on Saturday after reports of a blaze on the headland and beach. Seven appliances were taken to the scene – with every station on the Island involved, bar Castletown. Firefighters... read more »

UK biker dies after Mountain Road crash

POSTED today at 9:29 am by TH
UK biker dies after Mountain Road crash

A 27-year-old biker from the UK has died following a crash on the Mountain Road. He sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene after colliding with a car. It happened in the area of Brandywell at around 7.30pm on Saturday. The occupants of the car were taken to hospital and... read more »

Island gets new First Deemster

POSTED Thu last week

The Isle of Man has a new First Deemster. Andrew Corlett has been appointed to the position which...

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