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Fri 21/7"A Happy Medium" Exhibition
Sayle Gallery
Fri 21/7Beer & Cider Festival
Sulby Glen Hotel
Fri 21/712:30Manx Retirement Association Monthly Luncheon
The Palace Hotel, Douglas
Sat 22/7Greenfield Garden Centre Open Days
Greenfield Garden Centre
Sat 22/7"A Happy Medium" Exhibition
Sayle Gallery
Sat 22/714:00Ned Maddrell Lecture
Tynwald Mills
Sat 22/7Beer & Cider Festival
Sulby Glen Hotel
Sat 22/710:00Port Erin Beach & Sea Festival
Port Erin
Sat 22/7Manx Footpaths Conservation Group Walk - 22nd
Sat 22/714:0017:15Unleash the Power of Positive Thinking
Port Erin
Sun 23/7"A Happy Medium" Exhibition
Sayle Gallery
Sun 23/713:30Manx Footpaths Conservation Group Walk - 23rd
Sun 23/7Beer & Cider Festival
Sulby Glen Hotel
Sun 23/710:00Port Erin Beach & Sea Festival
Port Erin
Sun 23/715:00Screening of Andre Rieu 2017 Maastricht Concert
Erin Arts Centre
Sun 23/715:3017:00Harnessing the Power of Happiness
Mon 24/7Beer & Cider Festival
Sulby Glen Hotel
Tue 25/718:3019:30Pilates Class - Ballaugh
Ballaugh Bowling Club
Tue 25/720:0020:20Fatburn Extreme
Tue 25/7Laxey Badgers
Tue 25/710:30Manx Retirement Association Douglas/Onchan Coffee Morning
The Archibald Knox
Tue 25/719:1520:45Raja Yoga Meditation course Part 1
Tue 25/719:0019:45LeBarre Classes
Wed 26/718:00Pilates Classes - Ramsey
Wed 26/713:00Wurlizer Lunchtime Concert by Local Organists - 26th
Villa Marina Arcade
Wed 26/719:30Manx Footpaths Conservation Group Walk - 26th
Wed 26/714:00Manx Retirement Association Mini-Golf - 26th
Onchan Park
Thu 27/719:00Angels in America Part 2: Perestroika – live screening
Ballakermeen Studio Theatre
Thu 27/710:30Manx Footpaths Conservation Group Walk - 27th
Thu 27/710:00Manx Retirement Association Stretch and Flex - 27th
Thu 27/714:3015:30Guided Garden Walks at Milntown
Thu 27/719:00Jurby Community Public Meeting
Jurby Parish Hall
Thu 27/7Rainbows
Port St Mary
Fri 28/718:0019:00Lecture ‘A History of Futures Past: Morphosis, Diamond Ranch and the Architecture of Weightlessness’
University College Isle of Man
Fri 28/714:00Manx Retirement Association Monthly Walk
Sat 29/7Lawn Bowls Isle of Man - Open Competition
Onchan Park
Sat 29/710:00Manx Footpaths Conservation Group Walk - 29th
Sat 29/7Exhibition "Tabula Rasa" - new beginnings
The Sayle Gallery
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