Spirit Connections


"Spirit Connections"


Welcome you to an evening of Evidential Mediumship

Saturday 25 March 2017 at 7 pm Spiritualist Church Dukes Road Douglas


Please join us and bring your friends to our special premiere evening of "Spirit Connections" with


Upbeat music

4 Mediums presenting

Spiritual exploration


Friendship with like minded people

Voluntary contribution



"Spirit Connections" reconnecting you with your loved ones, with love, humour and sensitivity. We look forward to welcoming you


Our website Spirit Connections iom.com Email spirit connections iom@gmail.com


26 March at 7 and 27 March at 1 the spiritualist church will have the medium Judith Horsthuis presenting please see the website for further information http://www.iomspiritualistchurch.co.uk

Venue: Douglas

Start Date: 25-03-2017 @ 19:00