Manx Landscapes and Seascapes Exhibition

Manx Landscapes and Seascapes opens this Sunday 12th February @ 2pm

The drama of Sea and Landscape is a distinct style found in many artistic communities with the Island being no exception. Artists finding their unique voice through their own renditions, arranging the elements in coherent compositions of scenic expanse. Such scenery encompasses meadows, hills, mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, forests, coastal views and the majesty of all 'the seascapes'. Vistas depict places real, imaginatively created or idealised scenes.

On show will be a wide selection of this genre in both representation and abstraction.

Come and view a festival of land and sea by some of your Island's favourite artists: Nancy Corkish, David Byrne, Colette Gambell, Anna Clucas, Colleen Corlett, Peter Hearsey, Petrina Kent, Howard Shimmin.

Exhibition Opens 12th February till March.


Venue: The Isle Gallery, Tynwald Mills

Start Date: 19-02-2017 @