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Post Office launches new Hunt the Wren coin

by TH

Post Office launches new Hunt the Wren coin

A new coin is being released in time for Christmas celebrating a popular festive tradition.

The Isle of Man Post Office will launch a £2 ‘Hunt the Wren’ coin tomorrow.

Hunt the Wren is carried out on St. Stephen’s Day on December 26th.

Originally the wren were hunted down, killed, and fastened to a pole, their feathers thought to ward off evil in the coming year.

Nowadays a group of people travel around villages and towns singing a traditional song and dancing around a decorated wren pole using an imitation bird and selling coloured ribbons to those they meet en route.

Isle of Man Stamps & Coins General Manager Maxine Cannon says: "We are pleased to present this beautiful and festive £2 coin themed on a Christmas tradition that is still valued on our Island today.

“The coin perfectly illustrates this custom, making it the perfect Christmas gift for any coin collector or Isle of Man enthusiast."

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