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Six year old boy receives Chief Constable's Commendation

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Six year old boy receives Chief Constable's Commendation

A six-year-old boy from Port Erin has become the youngest person ever to receive a Chief Constable’s Commendation.

Taylor Kneen called 999 after his mum and younger brother became trapped in the bathroom at their home in February.

The youngster tried to get help from a neighbour but couldn’t get through the gate – he was also unable to use the phones in the house due to child-locks.

His next step was to phone the Emergency Services – he spent 11 minutes on the phone to them before help arrived.

During this time Taylor passed updates to his mum and consoled his other baby brother who was crying in his cot – he then unlocked and opened the door for police.

Taylor has now been honoured for his courage at a special event held at Police Headquarters in Douglas which was hosted by Chief Constable Gary Roberts.

Mr Roberts said: "Taylor is a remarkable young man, who managed to stay calm and do exactly the right thing by dialling 999 and asking for help.

"He did a great job while on the phone to the control room, giving details of their address and making sure Mum knew help was on its way.

"Taylor’s family are clearly very proud of the way he reacted – and I am delighted to make him the youngest ever recipient of a Chief Constable’s Commendation."

Following the presentation the Kneen family were taken for a ride in a police car.


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