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Have your say on the Future of Scouting in the Isle of Man!

by LC

Have your say on the Future of Scouting in the Isle of Man! The Scout Associations of the UK and the Isle of Man both have strategic plans in place till 2018. These place focus on the objectives and goals which the respective Associations want to achieve by 2018.

This year the Scout Association - Isle of Man will be releasing its next strategic plan running from 2018 to 2023. Whilst guided by the research, development and delivery of a UK plan, Scouting on the Isle of Man is in many respects different and somewhat unique. The Scout Association is keen to conduct some research into Scouting on the Isle of Man and wants to hear the views of everyone, whether in Scouting or not, of any age from 6 or 70+. With a better understanding of the views of young people inside and outside the movement, adult volunteers and the general public, we can design a plan and set goals that develop Scouting locally based on what the Island’s response is.

We want to know what young people enjoy about Scouting, why those not in the movement are put off Scouting, what our adult volunteers get out of Scouting and what the general public’s perception of Scouting is but also how they think Scouting can develop.

We have devised 4 short online surveys, each one targeted at a difference audience:

• Ages 6-18 actively involved in Scouting
• Ages 6-18 not involved in Scouting
• Adults involved in Scouting
• Adults not involved in Scouting

Each one is accessible via the Manx Scouts website

Each survey has roughly 10 multiple choice questions, with an open ended question for any general responses and an opportunity to enter our prize draw to win up to 4 £20 amazon vouchers. The survey should take around 5 minutes to complete.

For those without access to the internet, those without the confidence to complete the survey online, or those who require assistance, paper copies of the survey are available on request or one of our members can take phone calls and help complete the survey over the phone. His contact details are below.

Guy Thompson, Island Commissioner said:

“Scouting is very active on the Island and there are many young people and adults involved. The movement is just that, it does not stand still and constantly moves to improve in providing the activities and adventures that the young people involved want and need, as well as the necessary skills for life. Through this survey we hope to focus our views on how Scouting on the Island should develop in line with what young people tell us and also how the public see us. With this feedback we can hopefully grow the movement on the Island, recruit more essential adult volunteers and train them to provide a programme that is exciting, adventurous and gives our young people the necessary skills which they need to succeed.”

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