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Isle of Man Darts Organisation Results from Qualifier 3

by Nic Libreri

Isle of Man Darts Organisation Results from Qualifier 3

Twenty five men and twelve women met in a clash of tungsten last Saturday at the Rosemount in Douglas. Minibuses full of dedicated darters were dispatched from the North, West and South to compete at the IOMDO's third national ranking event of the season and what a night it was!

First round defeats for Robbie Nelson and Ian Fields knocked them out of the top spots and into 5th and 3rd place respectively. The top half of the draw looked savage but after a close match with Sam Naughton, Kevin "Blue" Lane cut though the pack like a knife through hot butter with 16 and 17 dart legs and 180s aplenty. Meanwhile in the bottom half of the draw Glenn Moorley was rumoured to have not dropped a leg as he bullied his way to the semi-final. Glenn's progress was only halted when he ran into western wonder Willie "Van der Peel" Biggane who hit 15,16 and 19 dart legs to take the semi final.

The crowd expected a tungsten tussle when an immovable object met an unstoppable force in the final but it wasn't to be as both Lane and Biggane struggled in the madhouse, neither looking likely to take the first leg. Biggane won out and found his rhythm with every throw finding one if not two trebles the damage was done for Lane who lost 4-1.

Ladies' sure thing Sarah Taylor lost in a close final to Wendy Andrews with Wendy showing great form all night whitewashing most opponents. Wendy gained a valuable 10 points and jumps to second place closing the gap on Sarah. Nikki Bardsley showed consistent form and takes third spot after only competing in two out of the three events.

The next qualifier event takes place in in Bar Logo, Ramsey on Saturday 13th January 2018 from 7.30pm. Come along and test your tungsten! Videos of the finals and more information about our upcoming events can be found on Facebook and Twitter @iomdarts.

Photo - IOMDO Qualifier 3 winners Willie Biggane and Wendy Andrews.

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