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“Drop everything and do space” Week-Long Celebration

by LC

“Drop everything and do space” Week-Long Celebration

 Castle Rushen High School (CRHS) launched a new science and space curriculum and exhibit with the assistance of Excalibur Almaz Ltd (EA), which included the unveiling of an EA-owned space capsule – a Reusable Return Vehicle.

The program commenced last evening with a week-long celebration to encourage students to “drop everything and do space.” The curriculum includes space-focused experiments, hands-on exhibits, an official astronaut space suit and space objects to enhance learning and encourage student participation. Special events and tours will be available throughout the school year.

“We are extremely appreciative of EA’s support in providing this unique opportunity to our students and to commemorate space advancements and science education,” said Keith  Winstanley, CRHS Headteacher.

Students ages 11-16 will participate in the program which will includes learning segments on advancements in commercial space, Earth sciences, technology development, engineering and mathematics. New courses will be added throughout the year to facilitate cross-curricular learning with a space-themed focus. 

“This new curriculum and EA’s space capsule is the chance of a lifetime for CRHS students to experience an unprecedented opportunity to learn about space and science and will go a long way to enhancing IOM’s growing profile and reputation in the space world,” said Laura Williams, Teaching and Learning Coordinator at CRHS.

The capsule arrived at CRHS 10 days ago and is housed in a refurbished pod located in the center of the school.

“Space has the power to inspire students to achieve humankind’s quest for increasing scientific knowledge, engineering excellence and technological breakthroughs,” said Art Dula, Founder and CEO of EA. “We are thrilled to be providing this opportunity for Castle students and look forward to encouraging this important renewed interest in space.”

About Excalibur Almaz

Excalibur Almaz Limited (EA) is an international commercial space transportation company based in the Isle of Man. Its goal is the affordable and reliable transportation of humans and cargo to Low Earth Orbit, libration point, the Moon and beyond. EA owns a fleet of six spacecraft proven to withstand the rigours of crewed space-travel including the capsule on display at CRHS.

Photo - Castle Rushen High School Student inside the Almaz space capsule wearing a space suit that has actually flown in space.

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