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Government proposes review of Civil Service

by LC

The size and structure of the Isle of Man Civil Service will be reviewed by an independent body if Tynwald approves a Council of Ministers’ motion this month.

In June, Tynwald agreed that a review should take place subject to it approving the terms of reference, timing and cost.

The Council of Ministers will ask the October sitting of Tynwald to receive a report on the current Civil Service and approve the commissioning of the independent review.

The review will compare salaries and benefits with other appropriate groups in the Island and elsewhere.

It will specifically examine posts at Executive Officer level and above, considering areas such as management responsibilities and structures and how grade reviews have been carried out.

Chris Thomas MHK, Minister for Policy and Reform, said: ‘The Island has broader and deeper public service provision than most other places with a similar population.

‘For instance, more is provided at our hospital than would usually be provided in a hospital serving 85,000 people and we have our own courts and customs officers.

‘The Island also has services run by civil servants that form part of the NHS or local authorities or are contracted out or run privately elsewhere.’

Staffing efficiencies have formed part of ongoing reform across Government, the Minister said.

‘For instance when a post becomes vacant, prior to recruitment taking place it is automatically reviewed to determine whether it needs to be filled and, if it does, whether an officer with a lower grade could do the job.

‘And in April 2016, the Government introduced revised terms for Civil Servants, including lower salary scales for new appointees and promotions.

‘Nonetheless, it will be helpful to have an independent look at the size and structure of our Civil Service and I hope the Council of Ministers’ report will be helpful to the independent review body, once commissioned.’

Tynwald will receive the findings of the review by June 2018.

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