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Ayre WI “Shows the Love” for aspects of Island life likely to be affected by climate change

by LC

Ayre WI “Shows the Love” for aspects of Island life likely to be affected by climate change

Members of Ayre Women’s Institute, Andreas, held a coffee morning with a difference on Saturday 9th September in Ramsey Town Hall. Alongside the usual home-made cakes, there was a display of photos and Green Hearts - all designed to “Show the Love” and concern that members feel about climate change.

The morning was attended by MHKs Tim Baker and Alf Cannan and Chairman of the IOM Federation of WIs, Mrs Pam Beedan, together with WI members and friends from around the Island.  Lively discussions were held about the WI’s campaigning work including the need to take climate change seriously.

The event was planned in follow up to a talk in January 2017, when Ayre WI members learnt about the possible impacts of climate change on many aspects of Island life, from sea level rises and resultant flooding to potential changes in the crops that can be grown here.

The Women’s Institute was a founder member of the Climate Coalition, a group of over 100 organisations, representing millions of people, united in campaigning for action to deal with climate change. The “Show the Love” campaign has been widely supported throughout the UK, with Green Hearts and images used in meetings with MP’s and others. 

Alfred Cannan, MHK said “I am impressed by Ayre WI’s interest in climate change and members’ concern for taking action to mitigate its’ impact on our Island. It is very important that the local community has an active involvement in such matters”.

Tim Baker, MHK said “Increased flooding and coastal erosion are specific examples of climate change affecting the north of the Island. This is an important issue which we cannot afford to ignore”.

Mrs Pam Beedan, Chairman of the Isle of Man Federation of Women’s Institutes said: “The WI has always campaigned on issues of importance to women and their families and has achieved great successes, from projects to provide bee-friendly gardens, to urging supermarkets to reduce food waste.  I congratulate Ayre WI in continuing in our proud tradition of embracing difficult issues – as well as making jolly good cakes”.

Photo - Left to Right: Tim Baker MHK, Kim Etherton, President Ayre WI, Pam Beedan, Chairman, IOM Federation of WIs and Alf Cannan, MHK in front of a display of images and Green Hearts made by Ayre WI members. 

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