Isle of Man News - POSTED Tue 11-07-2017

Manx Bat Group to hold "Dusk and Dawn" Bat Watch

by LC

The Manx Bat Group is holding a bat watch with a difference this coming weekend, Saturday 15th July and Sunday 16th July – a dusk and dawn bat watch at Silverdale Glen.

Meeting at Silverdale at 21:30 hrs, members of the Manx Bat Group will be on hand to loan out bat detectors and hi-viz vests before leading the public towards a known roost to watch bats emerge after sunset. Following the emergence there will be a short walk with the bat detectors through Silverdale Glen listening for the different species before returning to the mill pond to watch for one of the site’s specialities, Daubenton’s bats hawking over the pond.

The whole walk will be repeated at dawn the following morning, meeting at 04:00 hrs, to watch the bats returning to their roosts, hopefully seeing one of nature’s spectacular sights as the returning bats swarm around the roost entrance.

Young bats are just starting taking their first independent flights so there should be plenty to watch out for.

For further information, call Nick Pinder on 897499/454384.

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