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'Hole in the Wall' Professor visits Willaston School

by LC

Professor Sugata Mitra, famed for his ‘Hole in the Wall’ experiment and winner of the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Prize 2013 visited Willaston School this week to deliver a S.O.L.E.

S.O.L.E (self organised learning environment) encourages children  to work as a community to answer their own vibrant and challenging questions by using the internet in a supporting environment. In 1999, Sugata Mitra’s pioneering “Hole in the Wall” experiments helped bring the potential of self-organised learning to the public’s attention. Research since then has continued to support his startling conclusion that groups of children, with access to the Internet, can learn almost anything by themselves, with the teacher as a facilitator. Sugata works with schools worldwide to support them in developing S.O.L.E.

Helen Moyer, a senior leader at Williston School formed links with Sugata, following research into S.O.L.E. Helen and Rose Burton (Headteacher) visited Sugata to watch a S.O.L.E being delivered. Sugata was then, interested to see how S.O.L.E was developing at Willaston Primary School and came over to see for himself. 

Plans are already underway to continue the partnership and further develop S.O.L.E. in the Isle of Man.

“This was an amazing opportunity to work alongside Professor Sugata Mitra and gain his expert advice on developing our children as learners in the 21st Century. We are thrilled to have built this partnership and excited as to where it may lead, not only for children at Willaston School but across the Isle of Man.”

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