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Isle of Man Government uses Cyberscience technology to unlock the power of information

by LC

The Isle of Man Government’s Treasury together with internal IT support from Government Technology Services (GTS) has successfully completed a series of reporting projects in collaboration with Cyberscience Corporation to significantly improve the management reporting of both Capital Projects and Departmental expenditure across all the Departments of Isle of Man Government.

Steve Heeney, Cyberscience Ltd said:                  

‘Cyberscience Corporation is a global software innovator and one of our four software development centres worldwide is now located in Peel in the Isle Man. The ease of use, allied to the functionality, transparency, speed and flexibility of our data reporting software Cyberquery (CQ) provides both Treasury and individual departments with highly detailed additional information that was not easily available across a broad-spectrum of Capital Projects and Financial Reporting areas.’

Commenting on the decision to work with Cyberscience, Steve Knowles, Special Projects Manager, Isle of Man Treasury said:

‘The suitability of the CQ software to work with existing databases together with the support and the expertise of key Cyberscience staff enabled the outcome of the original ’proof of concept’ work on Capital Project reporting to far exceed original expectations. The development of additional reporting across other areas of financial expenditure was a natural add-on to the original project scope.’    

‘We can see further opportunities for expanding the use of CQ within Departmental Financial Reporting and, perhaps, just as importantly, can envisage clear benefits that could accrue from using Cyberscience expertise and CQ programming to help with the reporting from some of the non-financial Departmental databases within Government.’

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