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The Manx Year is Live

by LC

The Manx Year is Live

There has been an exciting development in Manx resources online thanks to the launch of ‘The Manx Year’ on the Culture Vannin website.

A new central resource for information about various Manx traditions and customs has gone live on the Culture Vannin website, following months of preparation and the creation of specific new materials.

Hop-tu-naa and Hunt the Wren are two of the better-known Manx customs which feature, but there many more which will appear on the site over the coming months.

The resources are designed to both provide information about the customs but also to celebrate them and inspire others to take part in the future. Resources on any custom may include film, pictures, audio files, downloads and links to further information.

“These sorts of traditions are a part of what makes the Isle of Man so special,” says James Franklin, Online and Educational Resources Officer at Culture Vannin. “This new resource will be of interest to many, but it will be very important in opening up these aspects of Manx culture to new people and inspiring others to take part.”

Although some customs will be well-known, few people will know what is to be done before Laa’l Breeshey (St. Bridget’s Day). They are often strange but always easy to enjoy. Even just the collecting of limpet shells or the tying together of sticks can offer us ways to connect us to the Island and give us a sense of place.

“These customs are not history,” says James Franklin, “they are a living tradition and they make up a part of who we are. Anything which celebrates and encourages that is a good thing.”

The first few customs are available online now, and many more will be added over the coming months. Its launch coincides with the release of two new films, covering Hunt the Wren in Port St. Mary and Hop-tu-Naa at Maughold during 2016. Both are available on the Culture Vannin website:

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