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SNX appoint Martin Hall

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SNX appoint Martin Hall

The leading Isle of Man-based Energy Services & Renewable Technology specialists SNX, has appointed Martin Hall to the role of Principal Sustainability Consultant, further broadening their scope of works and services on the Island.

Steve Brown, Managing Director of SNX said: ‘I am so delighted to have Martin join us at SNX. I have known and worked with him over the last few years and once he took early retirement from his Governmental role, we kept in regular contact. It is clearly of great benefit to the Island to have Martin bring his wealth of experience and unique expertise to the sector we work in, and alongside his extensive knowledge base, his passion and enthusiasm to give back to the Isle of Man is infectious. I have no doubt that Martin will thoroughly enjoy the role, particularly having been a huge advocate of what we have done at SNX over the last few years. At a time when Climate Change, Sustainability, Energy Reduction and Environmental issues are essential priorities for the Isle of Man, Martin can be a qualified influence in helping to shape the direction and implementation of the Island’s future strategy and initiatives.’

Martin was appointed to the role of Director of Environmental Health in the Isle of Man Government in summer of  2000. He was responsible for Environmental Health Services, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development and Pollution Control and Prevention and from 2001, Health and Safety was added to his portfolio. On taking up his new job Martin was delighted to find out that the Isle of Man Government was an active member of the international environmental organisation KIMO, an organisation he helped establish in 1993 and which still exists today, remaining a major influence in ensuring the continued protection of Europe’s Northern Seas.

In 2010 following a two year secondment to look at wider environmental, energy and climate change issues as Head of a Ministerial Task Force, he was given responsibility for Energy Efficiency/Conservation and Climate Change along with a New title of Director of Environmental Services. This enabled him to introduce a number of new initiatives, including, the Energy Doctor (free energy surveys and advice), Cosy Homes Scheme (free Loft Insulation for the elderly and vulnerable), Energy Initiative Awards and the Establishment of the Energy Fund for energy efficiency works with Government. He also directed  the work which eventually lead to the Isle of man being recognised as the first whole Nation UNESSCO Biosphere, shortly after his retirement from Government in late 2014. In 2015 he was Warranted  by the Island’s Appointments Commission to be a Member of the Health Services Consultative Committee (HSCC).

Martin says, “I am very much looking forward to working with SNX, as the diversity and scale of their projects on the Isle of Man in recent years has impressed me enormously. The expertise they have and the resources they provide, both in house and through their corporate partners, can only benefit the Island further, by supporting and helping deliver Government policy and initiatives, at a time when it is desperately needed. I sincerely hope my role within SNX will be a catalyst for increased growth of environmental strategies, the adoption of the latest technologies this sector has available, and the Best Practice approach to compliance and energy reduction in new developments and existing buildings.”

Martin began his career as Student Environmental Health Officer with Saltcoats Town Council in September 1974 and then to Cunninghame Council until 1986, during which time his wide practical experience was now supported  by a degree in Environmental Health. Following his move to Shetland in 1986 as Deputy Director of Environmental Health, by 1989 Martin had been promoted to Director, with a wider remit over Trading Standards, Water & Sewage Services.

In his role of Director of Environmental Services, Martin was responsible for dealing with the environmental and public health consequences of the Braer Oil Spill, facing the world media on a daily basis. Following his contribution to the 1994 Ecological Steering Group report and subsequent book, he was invited by Lord Donaldson, who chaired the Public Enquiry into the Braer, to present at an International Oil Spill Conference in America in 1993.

In 1997 Martin moved to Cardiff to take up the role of Deputy, and then in 1998, Director of the National Focus For Chemical Incidents, reporting directly to, and advising Ministers, Directors of Public Health and Emergency Services throughout on-going incidents. A challenging role particularly as he managed to squeeze in studying for, and obtaining a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the College of Medicine at Cardiff University. Following Martin’s report in 2000, The department of Health brought the National Focus in house and formed the Chemical Response Unit of the Health Protection Agency.

For more information about SNX, their scope of works and their award-winning projects on the Isle of Man, please go to , email  or call the team on 01624 666 777.

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